Bold, Single-Colour Contemporary Statement Jewellery for the Distinctive Individual

Do you have a favourite colour that just makes you feel amazing? Maybe there's a specific hue that always draws you in, evoking a particular feeling or transporting you to a cherished memory. And do you love unconventional, contemporary, geometric, and wearable jewellery in that favourite colour? Are you seeking a statement piece that enhances your outfit and makes you feel bold and self-assured?

Hi, I'm Jacq, and just like you, I'm captivated by specific colours and distinctive, unusual jewellery. Whether it's the vibrant energy of red, the lush green of nature, the deep mystery of black, or the sunny optimism of yellow, if you're drawn to a particular colour and love creative, modern design, Olivia Jacq Jewellery is for you!

For me, it's always been about blue. My quest for bold, blue jewellery led me to create single, monochromatic pieces for others who share this passion for specific colours. Whether you want to wear a spectrum of hues or stick to varying tones of one colour, my jewellery is designed to complement your style.

From my studio on the Ayrshire coast of Scotland, I design and craft colourful statement jewellery using lightweight and wearable polymer clay. By focusing on single hues and simple, modern, geometric shapes, I aim to empower you to express your creativity, individual style, and self-confidence with dramatic and versatile pieces. I draw inspiration from the vibrant colours and forms found in nature, art, urban environments, and history. Living by the sea on Scotland's west coast infuses my designs with the rich palette of the coastal landscape.

The unique properties of durable polymer clay allow me to shape, texture, and blend colours, bringing my vibrant, geometric-inspired designs to life. Any metal elements used are stainless steel, ensuring they are tarnish-resistant and long-lasting. Committed to sustainability, I strive to minimise environmental impact by creating jewellery designed to stand the test of time, with any leftover materials reincorporated into new creations.

Olivia Jacq Jewellery is designed to be a transformative accessory, effortlessly enhancing your outfits, telling your stories, and empowering you every day. I am dedicated to fostering self-assurance and making the world more colourful, one bold and unconventional piece of jewellery at a time.